Customer Before and After Photos


If you have a natural hair dye before and after picture or testimonial, we want to hear from you. Send us some pictures and we will put them on our website. People need to hear about all-natural hair dye by EarthDye!

Wendy’s before and after pictures using EarthDye Natural jet black hair dye. Bye bye gray! Hello, beautiful healthy hair!

natural black hair dye

Rod’s crazy transformation got him grounded!

So the fiance decided I needed to grow a full beard and keep it trimmed up. I said sure as I had never really grown one, but I had one problem; it was mostly white.  Let’s face it a bit of wisdom is okay, but looking old was not.  So why not dye it?  After all, I am in the business of just that. I have been dying the world for 16 years this month!

Once I was done, my fiance decided maybe it was not such a good idea. All of a sudden I looked her age (10 years younger) and all of a sudden she wanted the gray back!  So I did leave a bit in my hair, however as you can see the results are nothing short of back to the future. Keep in mind Mighty Oak Dark Brown comes out really dark on me, and the transformation was amazing! This photo was not touched up, however, I have been using our hyaluronic acid (see before and after) which is making my skin look much better as well!

This is using dark brown coverage all over my facial hair and blending it into my sideburns.

Writing this in case y’all want to post!

I used the deep red EarthDye today and I absolutely love it!! My hair is so shiny, soft, and a vibrant dark red color! My natural hair color is an ashy light brown. I bleached the ends about two years ago which is noticeable in my natural photo, however, the deep red seemed to do a wonderful job of blending my starting hair color completely! I’m in love with the color 🙂 I will be recommending it to everyone!


heidi after earthdye natural deep red hair dyeheidi after earthdye natural deep red hair dye

First of all, I would love to say THANK YOU NANCY!! For these awesome photos!! (Free gift on the way for all of the effort doing these awesome photos!)

Nancy decided she wanted to go purple! She is a historical fan of EarthDye and has used it many years and then decided to go back to white. I was super excited about her new project! Welcome back! The results literally blew our minds! She also taught us some new tricks to get different shades of purple and lavender!

Download our instructions on how to get purple from pure indigo and see more pictures here! Cant download the instructions? You can see them here.


I absolutely love the results of your product! I mixed half pack of the natural red and the natural strawberry blonde.  It was way more than enough to cover my long hair.  At first, I was startled by the bright orange when I emerged from the shower, resulting in hours of tears.  I sent you all an email just totally freaking out.  For that I am sorry because for the next 24 hours, my hair darkened about 1 and a half shades.  after 72 hours my hair leveled to my natural color that it was 20 years ago! I have received so many compliments on my hair.  When they ask if it is natural, I can honestly say…”yes”; Yes, to a natural product that actually returned my hair to its natural color! The product has made my hair grow faster and I am now about to do my roots. Yay!!

For the rest of this story, I will let the pictures speak for themselves!! Please use my pics and my story to better help others. I plan on being a repeat customer for life!!

before and after strawberry and natural red mix

This is the owner’s mother Symanthia, she started using EarthDye at age 68. Chemical hair dye was making her hair fall out in major clumps!! Huge bald spots! She had fried it so bad they had to keep cutting it shorter and shorter. For my little brother’s wedding, she had to have her stylist be creative to cover those spots.  The after picture is her almost 3 years later after using EarthDye “Majestic Mahogany”, and has grown 7 plus inches, down the middle of her gack. This also took off many years, and inspired her to lose weight Her friends all use EathDye now as well!


Mother using earthdye before

Before Mahogany

mom after mahogany

Mom after using  Mystic Mahogany

Joy after using ash beach blond on dark brown hair with strands of gray! This works on salt and pepper hair that has white strands not dark gray.  Beautiful!! She has used our browns for 10 years and really got creative with the highlights!


Ash brown used for highlights

“This my before and after using EarthDye® natural strawberry blond hair dye. Compared to other natural hair dyes, EarthDye is much easier to use and I don’t have to leave it on my head 6 hours like the others. Just mix with water and apply.  It makes my hair feel wonderful unlike chemical hair dye and leaves it soft and shiny. I just do my roots once a month. With Earthdye® I am done in less than an hour! Yay EarthDye! Their customer service is awesome too!” 

heather c before and after earthdye natural hair color

I just wanted to say you have changed the way I think about natural products. I am addicted to your Shikapoo shikakai my hair is actual proof that this product is nothing short of amazing!  This is something I will continue to use and your customer service and shipping are amazing. Even at a time of crisis! The second picture looks darker because it was indoors,  the point I want to get across is how shiny and healthy it is. Kudos!

Misty Before

misty before using shikakai shikapoo by harvest moon

Misty After

misty after using shikakai shikapoo by harvest moon (1)

Hey! I just wanted to let ya know that the natural shampoo I bought from you used along with the darker beard dye you sent me seems to have done the trick! Here are before and after pics. Moving forward I used the light brown to the newly grown hair so it adds layers to the over the beard. My girlfriend even said that it looks way more natural than when using Just for Men. Plus I’ve had absolutely zero irritation with EarthDye! What a fantastic product! The natural shampoo smells wonderful! I’ve been telling everyone I know about your products and shampoo as well! I’ll be a returning customer for sure!

Many thanks again!!!


Shawn Before

shawn before and after using natural hair dye

Shawn After

shawn after using natural hair and beard dye

I just did the natural purple hair dye and really love the color. My roots showed up better than on my brown hair, however it is visible on all hair in the sun. Purple does not show up so much on film, so I took a picture of me in the sun. Also want to point out it was very blue at first and then turned purple. I actually liked the blue about as much as the purple. Any way to keep it blue?

Thank you


Tampa, Fl

Click on the picture to expand (Chrome Only) The crown was white prior to purple.
mary after purple hair dye

Dear EarthDye,

Thank you so much for a wonderful natural plant based hair dye . My daughter has tried to get me to use EarthDye for over a year and I wish I had used it sooner. I am 79 and my hair was in horrible shape from using chemical hair dye for way to many years. My daughter applied it for me and it was very easy to do, I could not believe I waited so long.  My looks so much better and feels so much better as well. Even my scalp feels good. I wish you much success.

Eleanor From Houston Texas


I appreciate your help in ordering my henna!
I just want to let you know how much I love your henna and have for some time now. I have a major allergy to PPD in traditional hair dyes, enough to have sent me to the ER, several times. By chance, one day I was looking through a blog about natural hair dyes and someone mentioned EarthDye, so I ordered just off the testimonials on your website. When I see people saying that they are allergic to PPD and they used this with no problems – believe me, I was sold. I’ve been using “Copper Top” for several years now and switched to mahogany, it’s a gorgeous color, looks completely natural, covers my grays, and stays vibrant for weeks. Even when I lag behind on doing my hair the color fades to a natural hue and never looks brassy. But best of all I can have colored again without worry of being chemically burned. I absolutely love this natural hair dye and I wouldn’t trust my hair color to any other company.
Thank you so much for your time,

I’m so excited this is the best blonde I ever had photos doing NO justice as I look in mirror its so “me”

like my dream color……I love the tone that is both warm and cool same time depending on how the eye grabs it like that’s always been my thing..there is a name for this color on tip of my tongue I keep trying to think of it!

like antique gold ..but there is another name …a metal…color that’s both warm and cool at the same time…looks gray and gold at the same time. I even read about a queen in the mid-century who was obsessed with the color lol so am I…..

I will need to keep this up!!!


“Susan is one that loves to dye her hair a different color monthly if not weekly, she actually taught us how to lighten our hair color which was not possible prior to her letting us know. The red area is from the camera picture and from been previously dyed red.  The longer the hair dye is on your hair the easier it is to strip.  See below picture of her using deep red.

Susan Ash Beach Brown

You saved my life! literally! 5 times I went to the ER, and 5 times everyone scratched there heads. One phone call to Rod Harper and I learned I was having a bad reaction to chemical hair dye! Not 1 doctor could figure this out!

I am a customer for life! No more chemicals for me!

Alexandria, VA


Thank you for such an awesome product! I bought others that said it was chemical free was not chemical free. I had a bad reaction to chemical hair dye, so I don’t have a choice. Then the ones I did find that had 0 chemicals just did not work. I am glad I did not give up and found you.

It looks and feels better than chemical hair dye and was just as easy to use and works extremely well! It also matches my exact hair color. This is HUGE! Copper brown/brown mix


Eddie – Customer for life!


I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful product. I tried every natural product you could find and none were natural. I had given up until a friend told me about EarthDye. I was starting to get depressed with white hair and chemical hair dye was not an option.

Wichita, KS


I wanted to dye my hair for a very long time and my mom always said NO! After doing tons of research I found your website and showed it to my mother. Now both of use earth dye to dye our hair. I am glad I have a mother that loves me and very happy I found earth dye. Here is a picture of me using natural red on my medium to light brown hair. It made it a beautiful auburn. Can’t wait to try other colors!

Julia K


Kit Kat         Seattle, WA

Julia before and after pure_henna_red

“EarthDye is by far the best hair dye I have ever used.  The color is very rich and the conditioning is fabulous.  I get 100% grey coverage and it’s super easy to apply.  As an Ethical Vegan with high chemical sensitivity, I’m thrilled to find an effective hair dye that is cruelty free and contains zero animal products or chemicals.  Rod provides an overall wonderful product and outstanding personalized customer service.  Thanks EarthDye!”

Susan Y
Merrick, NY


I was looking way older than I needed to and chemicals was not an option. Your natural hair dye made me look younger instantly and has really conditioned my hair. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Mrs. Nathaniel

Rocksford, MI


Hi, I am Leslie from Houston, Texas and just wanted to say your natural hair dye is awesome! I am turning 50 this year and looking 15 years younger thanks to EarthDye. Please do not stop selling these wonderful products!

Houston, Texas

Leslie After Auburn Henna

Yeah! No more gray! It came out perfect! I love it! I mixed deep red with mahogany. Thank you for your excellent customer support, it more than exceeded my expectations and arrived super fast as well.

Happy customer!

North Carolina


People are talking about their all natural hair and beard dye! EarthDye is safe for the entire family! Not only do I own the company, I use the product!

Rod Harper

Largo, Florida


I used burgundy and really love it. It does not smell awful like chemical hair dye


Very good product, went on easy and was a major transformation! I also posted this on Facebook.

Thanks for a great product!



This is my “new hair color” addiction!

A friend whose hair I have always admired recommended EarthDye after I had an unsatisfactory salon experience. I tried the Natural Red and love it! Not only is the color perfect but it feels healthier than it has in years! In addition, EarthDye has assisted with answering questions and suggested other colors I may want to try in the future. I am so happy to have found this and look forward to spreading the word to others!

Linda M.

Ruskin , Florida


LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!! The color is beautiful and NO BAD REACTION!! I never thought I could color my hair again after many years of severe allergic reactions to regular hair dyes, but this is a game changer! I love that I can color right down to my roots. The color deepened overnight (like the information sheet said it would) and I loved the deeper shade of brown even better! I bought the Light Brown and Dark Brown and mixed them together to make a Medium Brown. It turned out perfectly! Plus, I have shorter length hair so I divided all that I had (dry) mixed together and have enough for 3 more coloring’s. That makes the cost even less than commercial brands. Thank you Earth Dye for a superior product. You have a grateful new customer for life!


I love the coverage and depth of color I get from this natural hair dye. My natural color is (or was) very close to the color I get using the dark brown dye. I don’t like using harsh chemicals, so I appreciate this amazing product that promotes healthy hair and allows me to cover my gray in an all natural way!

Melissa, Texas



I wanted to tell you thank you for such a wonderful product. The color is truly amazing how much younger I look and it did not take very long.