EarthDye Natural Hair Dye Tips

We get a lot of people asking or comparing our natural dyes to other companies or asking why the other companies did not work. We want to set the record straight! Natural sometimes gets a bad rap and this is mostly due to many companies not educating people correctly and selling outdated hair dye or just deciding to get in the business and copy other people’s instructions. They also state “organic” on the label. These are all violations of the FDA unless it is grown in the USA. All of our hair dye ingredients are from India. While it is organic, we cannot state that it is because it is imported from India.

Any food/cosmetic that is grown in other countries, by a separate company cannot state the ingredients is organic on the label “even if it is”.  The only people that can state this are the people growing it and the people that pay to have it certified organic. If it is grown in another country it cannot be certified in the USA, except by great extremes and licenses. If you see organic on a label, simply ask to see their organic certification.

We are on a mission for the people and the planet.

Do not assume the below do’s and do not’s apply to all other brands, these are the recommendations of EarthDye natural hair dye only. Always follow the package instructions on the package you bought from whom you bought. The internet can be very misleading and deceitful. We are here to educate and help people that want and need it.

Our hair colors work fast simply because we use private crops that are harvested 1 time a year.  We had to search 5 different countries and over 200 crops to find the absolute best ingredients. We love what we do and we are proud to help anyone anytime. Being able to dye your hair after an allergic reaction to chemical hair dye is a game-changer. Tell a friend ( or 10).

99.9% of our customers never have issues! However, if you do, please see the list of do’s and don’t.  Keep in mind we have new and updated instructions making it even easier than last year, we continue to do research in the hopes of improvement.

our dye is super easy to apply. The more you do it, the easier it is. People on the internet can make it seem harder than it is.

I will make it easy and break it down with do not do first. These tips came from talking to thousands of people over the past 16 years and helped the majority of them that had issues.
If you are having a problem, this will solve it 99.9% of the time. So I hope this can help a few people out.

First of all, you can mix and match any EarthDye hair dyes.  They are all compatible. Want more red? Add red. Want brown with burgundy? Add burgundy. Want chocolate, mix dark brown and burgundy.
The best way to find out what you are going to get is to do a strand test. This does take a few days as the dye can take up to 48 hours to get to its final stage, but can be very well worth it.

Here is a list of DO NOT DO’s:
If a chemical dye does not work on you, ours may not either. While both work differently some people are just dyeless. 99.99% of the public is dye-able

  • Do not wait more than 36 hours to shampoo after rinsing. While facial hair can be washed in as little as an hour, waiting over 36 to 48 can lead to oxidizing. Basically, it can change many colors.

  • Do not use conditioner just prior to application.

  • Do not add oils to the color ( or anything unless instructed by an EarthDye specialist). Oils are ok with natural red or strawberry blond. Adding oil to red will amplify the natural red. Adding oil to any other color will strip the color leaving you a red-orange color or different color. Oils in general are bad for your hair. Oil needs to come from within, not on top of.

  • Do not do oil treatments unless you have to, or you are using natural red. Oil treatments will strip the colors over time.  Oils clog your hair pores.

  • Do not wash with oil-based shampoo or shampoo with alcohol prior to application. It prevents the dye from adhering to the hair and alcohol can turn it purple, many conditioners have alcohol in them, read the ingredients.

  • Do not wash hair with baking soda, urine (yep absolutely had someone tell us they did this), dry shampoo, milk, vinegar, honey, beer, or anything else prior to application. A clarifying shampoo works best. We recommend our shampoo as it is formulated just for this occasion and it is natural.

  • Do not mix EarthDye and leave it out overnight before applying. Apply immediately after mixing.

  • Do not leave in your hair or beard longer than 1.5 hours. Anything longer will not accomplish anything. One hour or less is usually enough and it will not wash out.

  • Do not sleep with EarthDye in your hair or on your face. Trying to get it off the next day would be brutal. If the dye does not work on you at all, you might fall into the category of “dye-less”. Simply put you have no pores in your hair shaft. Over the past 11 years, I have talked to less than 10 people that EarthdDye does not work on.  Ironically no dye, not even chemical will work on them. While this is heartbreaking we are still working to find a solution for the few that are “dye-less”.

  • Do not mix lemon in with your dye. Lemon cancels out indigo ( browns and blacks).

  • Do not sit under a hairdryer with dye in your hair! It will dry it out super fast and not work. This is not a chemical dye!
  • Do not wrap your hair or beard with saran wrap! While it might still work, longevity and quality will be compromised. If you use a shower cap, tear holes in the top to let it breathe.

  • Do not use distilled or bottled water. For some reason or another, a lot of people seem to get purple or blue effects long-term.  If this happens just redo your hair again. Meanwhile, use room temperature or warmer tap water to mix your hair dye. Water from a well is OK as well. Don’t forget to shampoo 24 hours later.

  • Do not put aftershave or alcohol on your hair, unless you want purple hair. More alcohol = more purple. You can be macho sipping a beer from a straw or just sip it with style. Women need to be careful with conditioners, many conditioners have alcohol in them. Read the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner.

  • Do not expect to go lighter using EarthDye. It goes equal or darker, never lighter. So if you have dark brown hair and use light brown, your hair will be darker or you will not see it at all. Use dark brown in this case. If your hair is dark and it’s only the roots coming in, do only the roots.


  • If you are having a hard time getting a darker result or the dye lasting a long time, shampoo your hair twice and rinse with apple cider vinegar for 3 minutes.  Rinse out the vinegar,  mix powder and apply (hair can be wet or dry). We have customers that only do a root touch-up using this technique and have not had to do the rest of the hair for years.
  • Shampoo twice.  Three times if you have previously done oil treatments.
  • Thicker is better, mixing too thin does not cover the hair as well as thin.  This is very important with men, if the tips of the facial hair are sticking out, it will not dye the tips.

List of Do’s

  • Do wash your hair twice with shampoo only before applying EarthDye.

  • Do use a toothbrush or beard brush with shampoo to clean your beard, sideburns, hairlines, or eyebrows before applying. A soft brush with shampoo does wonders. Wash it twice gently.

  • Do a strand before doing your whole head or beard, give it 24 hours. Keep in mind you can use EarthDye as often as you like, however, for some people it gets darker over a 24-hour period (natural red will get lighter when you shampoo it). If it does not look dark enough in the beginning, it will get darker. If you see red, blue, or green at first on white hairs DO NOT PANIC! It will turn to the color you are trying to achieve overnight. This normal. 

  • Do follow our directions on the packet or instructions that came with the shipment.

  • Do wash your hair within 48 hours after you rinse out the dye.

  • Do root touch-ups to maintain the same hair color. If you are doing red or black you can do the whole head all over. Some colors will get darker and darker the more you apply. We have an application brush just for this.  Dye the hair as needed, you can use it every day if you want to, however you should only need to do a root touch and then the entire head over several months as it fades.

  • Do use touch and feel for the colors.

  • After rinsing you can let it dry naturally, towel dry, or dry with a hairdryer with low heat. Do not sit under a hairdryer with dye in your hair!
  • Do call us or email us if you need help or have questions!

Mix and Match Any Colors!

You can mix any of the colors to create more colors. For example, dark brown with a small amount (1/4 pack burgundy to 1 pack dark brown) of burgundy creates a deep chocolate dark brown. Mixing dark brown with deep red will give you hints of red. Mixing deep red with mahogany will give you an electric charge of mahogany. Be creative and try new things!

EarthDye dye is permanent and lasts longer than chemical hair dyes. Try EarthDye! It’s the best natural hair dye around!

If you still have questions, please post on our FAQ page, you can very well help someone else!