Plum Purple Natural Hair Dye

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EarthDye® natural purple hair dye is basically pure indigo. However, mixed with Bud Ice it will create purple (plum purple). Mixing Bud Ice and hibiscus will create lavender, as seen above.

Plum purple is pure indigo. Please purchase pure Indigo and follow the instructions below for different purples.

Download the purple instructions here. (If you cannot download the instructions, see below) It works on light to medium-colored hair; dark hair has a purple hue in the sun only! The lighter your hair, the more vibrant it will be. Why not take a walk on the wild side and go plum wild? Plum purple is just what the doctor ordered and is easily changed to dark brown or black if you decide purple is just too wild! If you ever decide to go back to chemical hair dye, you can, and if you already have used chemicals, you can use it over the old. It works on the hair as well as the beard.

Each pack is enough to do mid-back length hair and includes instructions and gloves.

100% natural and chemical-free!


Please read how to get purple using pure indigo

How To Achieve Plum Purple Hair Naturally Using Pure Indigo



Purple is only seen on light-colored hair! On darker hair, it possibly will be seen in the sun, but not visible on extremely dark hair.

Wash hair twice before application and dry.

Use an old towel to protect clothes and the floor before application.
For easy application, use a dye brush.

Mix the packet with warm beer (room temperature). We recommend bud ice, NO dark beer, until pudding-like consistency. Beer will foam, so be patient and mix in a small amount of beer at a time. Let it sit for a few minutes, as the powder will absorb the beer. Keep adding beer until almost runny.
The beer will keep getting absorbed and will thicken. To runny will cause water and mix to run! Be patient and add beer slowly!

Apply to hair in strands starting from the left ear and working towards the right ear. Focus on highlights if that is all you wish to color.  Make sure to REALLY massage into hair and hairline.

Work your way down the back, starting from the top in layers until completely covered. Leave on for no less than one hour and no longer than 2 hours. Shampoo and condition 72 hours later.

Your hair will be BLUE or Green at first and will turn purple over the next 12 to 24 hours, 36 hours tops.

Mix only what you need and store the rest in a zip lock baggy.
Touch up as needed and as often as you like. If you have questions, please email us


Pure Indigo (Indigofera Tinctorius)

Tip: Beer will dry out your hair. We recommend Harvest Moon Shikapoo to condition the hair after.

Do Not Use:
Baby Shampoo
Aveda Shampoo
V05 Shampoo
Crew Shampoo
Hand Soaps/Liquid or bar
Shampoo high in oils

How To Achieve Lavender Using Pure Indigo


Following the same instructions above, however, this time, you will use hibiscus and Bud Ice, instead of Bud Ice by itself.


Boil the hibiscus leaf’s in a small amount of water and let them cool. The idea is to make the tea strong and thick, between syrup and thick tea. Strain and set aside. Add the required amount of indigo to a bowl (only mix what you need).
Mix with room temperature Bud Ice 50/50 with the hibiscus (half hibiscus and half bud ice and mix into a measuring cup and mix). Use this mix to mix in with the indigo powder to a thick pudding-like paste and apply to the hair in layers covering all roots and hair. Leave-in hair for 1 to 1.5 hours and rinse.  Shampoo 72 hours later. Your hair will be blue more than likely, at this time.



1 hour after rinsing indigo








“After the dye is rinsed out, then turns lavender.”

Final Result


Two days later
two days later



It is very important to do a strand test first and give it a few days to change color. Above is an hour after rinsing.

Always Do A Strand Test First!

Doing a strand test will help you determine the final outcome.


Shampoo your hair, mix enough for a small patch, and follow the above instructions.
After you rinse it out, wait for two days (do not shampoo yet) to see the final results.  If you are happy with the results, do the entire process over all of your hair.

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  1. earthdye

    I just did the natural purple hair dye and really love the color. My roots showed up better than on my brown hair, however, it is visible on all hair in the sun. Purple does not show up so much on film, so I took a picture of me in the sun. I also want to point out it was very blue at first and then turned purple. I actually liked the blue about as much as the purple. Any way to keep it blue?

    See Mary’s picture in the before and after section

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