When it comes to your body hair, you really want natural eyebrow dye. EarthDye is made from plants and not chemicals, making it safe for you and the planet.

Our natural eyebrow dye will last several months in most cases.  Look younger and look natural with easy application and no burning. It is made from plants and also safe to rinse down the drain.

You can use any one of EarthDye colors to dye your eyebrows with.

Step 1. Wash eyebrows with shampoo using a tooth brush. Gently wash 2 times and rinse.

Step 2. Mix enough paste to cover eyebrows, leave on for 1-1.5 hours, do not get in your eyes. Make sure you mix it thick so it is not runny!

Step 3. Rinse! Your done! Shampoo 24 hours later. Color will change and darken over night, so do not panic if you see green or red at first.

Our eyebrow dye will not stain your skin, this is for eyebrows, sideburns, facial hair, private hair, and the hair on your head. If your eyebrows are shaved you will need to talk to a tattoo artist that does eyebrows.

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Natural eyebrow dye works the same way our natural beard dye works,  so follow the instructions for the beard dye.

Here is a video to watch, it really is easy!

natural eyebrow dye