Is EarthDye safe to use if I have vitiligo?

Answer: Yes, and recommended by doctors. EarthDye is loaded with nutrients to help your hair grow and does not affect your skin. Many with vitiligo noticed chemical hair dye made it worse. The opposite is true with EarthDye. Learn more

Is EarthDye safe to use after chemotherapy?

Answer: Yes and recommended by doctors. EarthDye is loaded with nutrients to help your hair grow.  No chemicals, all plants. Amla is one ingredient that is packed with vitamin C. Amla has 30 times more vitamin c than an orange. Your hair will start to grow faster and healthier.

Can EarthDye make my hair a lighter color?

Answer: No. EarthDye does not have chemicals to lighten the hair, so it is not possible to go lighter. It can be equal or darker, but not lighter. So if you have medium brown and want to go light brown, it is impossible. You will have to wait for the color to fade from the previous har dye or if your natural color is darker, you will only be able to do reds for highlights or effects.  This is the same for any hair on your body.

Is EarthDye cruelty free?

Answer: Yes, the matter of fact it is also harmless to animals and Leaping Bunny certified. It is hard to imagine, but many show horses are actually dyed with chemical hair dye. Can you imagine a horse covered in that much dye? Many horses will not even tolerate it. EarthDye has many horse trainers switching and the reaction from the horse is nothing short of incredible. Happy and giddy are the words we hear most often, like a day at the mud spa! Massage, please?

What are your ingredients?

Answer: all of the ingredients for each product are listed on the product page. However, here is a page that has all of the hair dye ingredients.  We do fine-tune our ingredients so sometimes the package might not be the same as the website, so always go off of the packet.  We have been getting people off of the chemicals for 14 years, our dyes will always be natural. We have thousands of customers that are either pregnant, getting off chemo, had a bad reaction to chemical hair dyes, and just know that natural is the way to go,
Here are all of our ingredients: 

Can I Swim in Chlorinated Water? Salt Water?

Yes to all of the water babies!! Swim and swim ocean or pool! Just make sure you shampoo after!! Chlorinated pools can turn your hair green without hair dye.  Shampoo and repeat!

I am a man, can I use your mascara On my eyebrows?

Answer:  Yes! Harvest Moon mascara is wonderful on eyebrows, we recommend our less expensive natural mascara to darken them up.

apply a coat to eyebrows and immediately wipe with a tissue, let dry. Men and women are using it to create a much younger healthier look and it will not smudge.

Can I use EarthDye over chemically treated hair dye?

Answer: Yes, you can use chemical hair dye, go straight home, and then use our hair dye right over it. Or vice/versa We always will recommend doing a strand test first, this way you know what color it will be before doing your entire head.

Do your hair dyes contain any metallic salts? Gluten, preservatives, synthetics , PPD or Ammonia?

Answer: No, all of our hair dyes are 100% plants. Even the soil it grows in is organic.  Each color has a list of the ingredients on the page with the color. Each ingredient is made from plants if you look them up.

Does EarthDye cover gray hair?

Answer: Yes! We get asked this a lot! This is the entire reason we started making and selling it! We want to look younger with a healthier solution. Our dyes can make you look 10 to 15 years younger in less than an hour while repairing damaged hair.

Does your hair dye have chemicals in it?

Answer: No! Most people that use our products come to us after they have had a bad reaction to chemical hair or beard dye. The younger generations are usually just health and environmentally conscious. Our hair and beard dyes are made of plants and clays; zero chemicals.

Can I use EarthDye while pregnant?

Answer: Yes! Absolutely! It is wonderful you are thinking about your newborn child, but also think down the road. If you have to ask this question, why not make it part of your life before, during, and after childbirth? It is just as easy to use as a chemical hair dye and is also great for the environment!

What color should I get?

Answer: While color is a personal preference, most ask because they are not sure what colors they will get. Keep in mind our dyes will not alter the color of your hair, simply put; they will cover up and add to what you already have. If you have brown hair, you can use reds and burgundies to add highlights or natural red to give an auburn effect. If you just want to cover gray and are naturally medium brown, then just use brown, and then touch up as the grays grow in. When your entire head lightens, repeat by covering all the hair, then go back to only roots again. If you have gray roots and the rest of your hair is dark brown, use dark brown on the roots and feather it in. If after 24 hours it is not dark enough, you can do it again for 30 minutes and it will make it darker. You can use EarthDye as often as you like, it is a healthy hair dye.

Why don't you have color charts?

Answer: We do not use color charts because our dyes do not go lighter, only equal or darker. Chemicals dyes, what you see is what you usually get.
If you are a natural redhead, use our natural red to liven it up or red to make a real redhead of hair. Or use brown or dark brown to cover the red. The options are almost endless.
People with black hair/gray need to use either plain indigo or purchase the 2-step black. Some can get away with soft black or even dark brown. Once you get a feeling you will know exactly what to get. You can exchange a color any time as long as it is unopened and you are an existing customer.

How many applications can I expect to get from 1 packet?

It depends on how long your hair is. Short hair can get as many as 4 uses doing the entire head, as many as 20-30 uses doing root touch-ups. Mustache as many as 40-50 uses, goatee as many as 30-40, and full beards depending on length as many as 10-20. This makes it super affordable and as low as 25 cents per application.

Will I get red hair?

You should not get red hair using browns or blacks. If your hair is white or extremely light, burgundy can come out red-orange the first time or first 12 hours, turning darker overnight. If you are starting from white hair a second application might be necessary, but rare. Always do a strand test! Oils, certain gels, and leave-in conditioners can also cause the browns to be stripped leaving red over time. Another thing we have learned is certain shampoos like Aveda, Crew, V05, and Baby shampoo can affect the outcome of the color.

How to apply it?

All packets come with instructions. In general, shampoo your hair, or do the beard prep 2 times, rinse. Mix powder with warm or warm water, apply to hair or beard. For hair using an application, the brush works best. Goatees, you can use a spoon.  Hair can be toweled dry (damp) or dry. Men can shampoo beards (not hair) 3 hours later. The hair on the head should be shampooed until 24 hours after the dye has been rinsed. The color will darken on browns, blacks, and blond overnight.  Natural red will settle down after the first shampoo.

How long does it take?

Most of the time it depends on how long your hair is. Some colors take as little as 10 minutes (natural red) some take an hour (dark brown). No application should be left on for more than 1.5 hours, however, some customers tell us about different ways they have applied it. When in doubt, follow our directions, not anyone else’s unless you know them personally and trust them to babysit your pet.

How long does it last?

Our natural hair dyes can be very permanent. It can last as long as 4 years or more or several months. The more absorbent your is the longer it will last. It all comes down to how absorbent your hair is. Most people have very absorbent hair both on the head and face. When you do your hair, you will want to focus on the roots as they come in, then as the dye fades over the next few months or years, you can do the entire head again. Beards will last longer following our beard prep and instructions, not following them will lead to poor results. If you have a long beard or hair you will also want to focus on the new growth, then over the next several months do the entire beard. Doing your hair over and over can make your hair darker and darker. You can never go lighter with EarthDye®. If you use Ash Beach Brown on brown hair, gray hair, or black hair, you will not see a change. Ash is great for white hair or blond hair with gray.
TIP: Try not to go too dark from the start, it is hard if not almost impossible to lighten EarthDye®,  Chemically treated hair such as blond will more than likely come out lighter using browns, always do a  hair strand test to be sure, not all hair is the same! Your hair will start to grow faster the more you use it and is safe to use on a regular basis and over chemical hair dye.

What shampoo/conditioner should I use?

When it comes to shampoos, there are millions of different brands on the market. It is extremely hard to know which shampoo will react differently. A shampoo will rarely cause a problem however, some absolutely do. We do know that:

  • Baby shampoo will keep hair green/blue using Ash Beach Brown
  • V05 gives multiple colors
  • Aveda will turn browns red/green
  • Dr. Bonners causes multiple issues, especially with browns
  • Grandpas pine soap will turn strawberry blond golden blond
  • Alcohol hair gels will cause purple
  • Neutrogena (specifically Anti-Residue Shampoo)
  • Any conditioner is fine unless it has alcohol or oil in the ingredients.

When it comes to using the correct shampoo, look for high ingredients of oil and alcohol. If it has these, find another one (if you use natural red, oils are ok). Make sure and check the ingredients each time you purchase your shampoo. Some manufacturers change ingredients often. Always ensure you wash your hair after rinsing it out no later than 24 hours. 12 is fine, some can shampoo right after, and the color will darken overnight.  We will always recommend Harvest Moon extra conditioning henna shampoo or Harvest Moon Aloe Vera shampoo because they work extremely well with our products.

Does your browns have red?

EarthDye browns should not make your hair red. Many people get reds after chemical or natural hair dye fades from using products in the hair. Oils in the hair are bad and will strip color leaving a copper effect. This includes:

  • Shampoos with oils
  • Hair straighteners
  • Hair gels ( we recommend alcohol-free hair gels)
  • Leave-in conditioners (rinse conditioners are okay, however, check ingredients for oil)
  • Alcohol in hair gels will cause purple, with millions of hair products on the market we can only tell you to look at the ingredients and look for oil.

Your hair is alive, and most oils will cause your natural production of oils to stop, and this creates a vicious cycle of needing more oil. It takes a very long time to get out of this cycle because the hair grows a quarter of an inch a month. If you have used chemical hair dye or oils, you are killing your hair. Then new hair grows, and it is killed again. EarthDye allows your hair to breathe and helps it get its life back. You have to be patient and the longer your hair, the longer it will take for the new growth to come back. You will see and feel the difference after your first shampoo.  If you have frizzy hair, we recommend Shikapoo. Shikapoo is a dry shampoo that comes in powder form. It is the world’s most fabulous conditioner and comes from nature.

Can you dye other body parts? Armpits and pubic-hair?

Absolutely! Make sure you follow the beard dye instructions when doing any hair other than the head.

How much hair does one pack cover?

One pack will do bra-length hair.  Only mix what you need and store the rest. Mix the powder thicker, not thinner.  One pack will also do multiple goatees.

Where is EarthDye made?

All of our dyes are made in India, by the same people that have made them for the past 10 plus years.

Can I dye my pubic hair?

Yes!! You can dye any hair, but if you are doing anything other than the hair on your head, you need to follow the beard dye directions and be extra careful if using natural red or reds. Natural red will stain the skin (not your face, as the face produces oils). Reds will also stain your hands, so wear gloves! Tip for redheads: Mix up some powder, then mix it with your shampoo and you can do your hair in just a few minutes (10).


If you are getting purple and you do not want purple something is going on.  There are a few reasons why you might get purple.

  1. Shampoo or conditioner with alcohol or oils in it.
  2. Hair gels with alcohol, leave-in conditioners, and oil treatments.
  3. Not shampooing your hair prior to application OR not shampooing it 24 hours after rinsing it out. Colors can and will oxidize and can turn many colors if not shampooed after rinsing the dye out. You can go as long as 48 hours, but 24  is ideal.
  4. Men can get purple using dark brown if they are not doing the proper beard prep, using beard balms and oils, using alcohol on it, or not shampooing 24 hours later.

The rarest is if someone just has very oily hair. If this is the case make sure you shampoo every day if not every other day.  You will not rinse the color out. Using oils also prevents colors from working except natural red.


If you want purple you can mix pure indigo with Bud Ice instead of water and you will get a purple effect. Learn more about purple.

Can I use EarthDye on my eyebrows?

Yes! Please follow the beard dye instructions on the back.  Read all instructions before applying.

Why do I have to wash my hair before and after I rinse the dye?

The reason it is important to wash prior to application is the hair needs to be clean and helps it bind to the hair better.

The reason it is important to wash after is to keep the residue from oxidizing and turning multiple colors or a color other than what you intended.
After you shampoo the second time after rinsing, you can return to your regular routine. Washing your hair will not wash out the dye.


  1. DeeDel
    March 23, 2023 at 4:03 pm

    I’ve been using earthdye for a couple of years, but I would like to try chemical hair dye again. Can I use chemical hair dye over Earthdye? Or do I need to wait until the Earthdye hair grows out? Would I be able to have my roots touched up with chemical hair dye now?

    • earthdye
      March 23, 2023 at 6:42 pm

      Answer: Yes, you can use chemical hair dye, go straight home, and then use our hair dye right over it. Or vice/versa We always will recommend doing a strand test first, this way you know what color it will be before doing your entire head.

  2. Grace
    March 14, 2023 at 12:45 pm

    Ok, so I just tried mystic mahogany on hair I had home dyed with food grade hydrogen peroxide that was too light on top. When my hair is up in a bun, it looks red, when down, it looks dirty dish water medium brown lol. The lower three fourths of my hair, when down, looks like a dirty medium brown. I am wondering how I can salvage this haha. I will take a somewhat uniform color….do I apply one color to the top or bottom to help even it out all over?

    • earthdye
      March 20, 2023 at 7:33 pm

      Hi Grace, coming off of bleach/hydrogen the color will come out lighter (not on everyone), so you will need to do it again. Also Mahogany does have red in it.
      Here is a simple trick to help make it last longer (this works on any of our colors) especially if you are coming off chemicals or oils. The lady that gave us this was also using mahogany (with a small amount of burgundy mixed in)
      Read the blog here and yes you can apply to the place needed and make sure you put it on thicker, not runny.

  3. Robert
    February 26, 2023 at 10:16 pm

    Hi, I used the medium brown and now I think I want to go darker, maybe black or close to black. Can I get to black by mixing pure indigo to the medium brown? If so, what ratio would you recommend to start? Thanks!

    • earthdye
      February 27, 2023 at 1:37 pm

      Correct, the more Pure indigo you add, the darker it will be. If you are doing your entire head it will get darker over time. Once you get to the color you desire, just focus on touching up the roots after that. When it is time you can do the entire head again.

  4. earltmorgan
    February 24, 2023 at 5:28 pm

    It won’t let me enter my credit card number. It has always taken it before. Why is this?

    • earthdye
      February 26, 2023 at 11:53 am

      Can you tell us what device you are using?

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