Learn tips and tricks from a natural hair dye using EarthDye

Here are some tips to help you dye your hair better and faster!

  • Hair prep is extremely important. If you are using oil or a leave-in conditioner, you will want to make sure that no residue is still in the hair. Be sure to shampoo thoroughly prior to application using a clarifying shampoo, no conditioner. You can use conditioner again after your first shampoo 24 hours later.

  • Always shampoo your hair after you rinse the dye out at least 24 hours later. Use a gentle shampoo and do not go longer than 48 hours. Waiting can cause the hair to oxidize and turn multiple colors. You will not wash the color out.

  • Do not leave dye in your hair longer than 1.5 hours. Doing so can cause reds to appear if using browns or darker colors.

  • Never mix any other ingredients with the powder unless you have done so in the past. Things like lemon and oil can restrict the coverage or keep it from working entirely.

  • There is no need to mix the paste and let it set out overnight. Our hair dye is fresh and releases instantly. Leaving mixed paste out for long periods can keep the dyes from working properly. only mix what you need and store the rest in a sealed pouch in a cool area. It is good for 1 year once opened, and up to 5 years non-opened.

  • If you are dying your hair and it has been a long time and you have major roots in the front, start the application from the side, working up and over the top of the head and then down towards the back.

  • When it comes to shampoos, there are millions of different brands on the market. It is extremely hard to know which shampoo or product will react. A shampoo will rarely cause a problem however, some absolutely do. We do know that:
    • Baby shampoo will keep hair green/blue using Ash Beach Brown
    • V05 gives multiple colors
    • Aveda will turn browns red/green
    • Dr. Bonners causes multiple issues, especially with browns
    • Grandpas pine soap will turn strawberry blond golden blond
    • Alcohol hair gels will cause purple
    • Neutrogena (specifically Anti-Residue Shampoo)
    • Any conditioner is fine unless it has alcohol or oil in the ingredients.
  • You can make your color last longer by 1. Shampoo hair and then rinse hair with apple cider vinegar ( you can dilute if you wish). 2. Rinse with water and then apply the mix following the instructions on the back.

Hair straighteners can cause green, especially “It’s a 10”.  If you do any hair treatments, please wait a few days and do a test area. If you want to cover chemically treated hair this is fine. You can use EarthDye before or after doing chemicals, but keep in mind the darker your hair color the harder it is to do highlights regardless of using dyes or not.

Oil treatments you will need to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo 3 times prior to application. Oils keep the dye from working and will strip color over time.