EarthDye Coupon Sale! Welcome to our sales page! We do not have sales often, the best way to find out when we will have one is with our newsletter. We do not send a ton of newsletters, we hate being bombarded daily with them as well as the next person.  We send maybe one or 2 a month with updates on sold-out products, updated products, or sales. We also send out helpful tips on doing your hair. We want your experience to be a great one!

If you do not want to wait for a sale, we recommend making us a video and you will receive a VIP code for 25% off for life!

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When cutting and pasting coupon codes, please make sure no spaces are at either end, or the code will not work!!

Leave us a review of the product you used and receive 20% off on your next order!


*Use Coupon Code:
5SHIPFREE for free shipping with the purchase of 5 packs or more inside the USA!

Or get one pack free by using 1FREEPACK, a free pack usually cost more than the shipping of 5 packs. 

You can also get a free pack by sending us a before and after photo, if we use it, we will send you a free pack.

The before and after photos must be clear and at least 1000px (the majority of cell phones are bigger than this now). If you have an old cell phone, have a friend take it.  You can upload the pictures on our contact page.


*Coupons will not work in conjunction with one another other.