Natural Dark Brown Hair Dye

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EarthDye natural dark brown hair dye works on all hair types. All-natural plant product; No Chemicals, No PPD, No Ammonia, No metallic salts, all plants.

100 grams EarthDye Dark Brown Hair Dye

No chemicals mean this color will not lighten your current hair color. This color will turn gray/white/silver/blonde hair into a glistening dark brown shade. Any darker strands of hair will stay the same shade since our product will not lighten it.100 grams of powder is enough to do mid-back length hair in one application. The length of your hair will stay this color, only the new hair growth will need to be touched up as it comes in. Typically hair grows about 1/ 4 inch a month.

Instructions & Ingredients

This packet includes 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of dark brown dye. Perform a skin/strand test first and follow our instructions.

Hair application:

Wash hair twice with clarifying shampoo, without conditioner, and towel dry before application. Damp hair is good; dry hair is okay. Don’t forget to wear gloves, and cover the floors and clothes!

  • Mix the powder with enough warm tap water (about 1 ¼ cup to 1 ½ cup per 100 grams) until you achieve a pudding-like consistency.
  • Apply immediately to hair, starting from the back to the front in layers, pressing down the paste as you go along. If using a shower cap afterward, make sure to create holes in the cap for air.
  • Leave in hair for 45-60 minutes, but no longer than 1.5 hours, and rinse until the water runs clear. If you have thick or curly hair, you can use a cream conditioner to help rinse. Do not shampoo less than 18 hours afterward, or wait more than 48 hours; 24 hours is ideal.

Beard application

Not following these instructions will result in poor results. Earthdye is permanent and easy to apply.

  • Clean facial hair/sideburns gently with shampoo, using a toothbrush or beard brush twice. Do not scrub hard, as this can irritate the skin. Not using a brush will not remove facial oil. Use a brush!
  • Mix enough tap water (do not use distilled or bottled water) to achieve a thick pudding consistency. Only mix what you need and store the remaining powder in a Ziplock bag in a cool, dry place.
  • Using a spoon or application brush, apply evenly to facial hair until completely covered. Be sure to cover all hairs. If tips of hair stick out, they will not be colored, leaving a peppered effect. Leave on for 35-45 minutes, but no longer than 1 hour, and rinse. You can shampoo 12-24 hours later, but no longer than 48 hours.


Gray or white hair may turn red/green for the first 12 hours, darkening overnight. Dye hair in the early evening.

The dye will not permanently stain the face or hairline. If dye is present on the face, it will disappear within several hours.

Oil treatments can prevent browns and reds from working. If doing oil treatments, wash hair three times before application.

Our dye works on all races, men, and women.

Indigo (Indigofera Tinctorius), Shikakai (Acacia Concinna),
Henna (Lawsonia Inermis), Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri), Baheda (Terminalia Bellirica), Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba), Amla (Emblica Officinalis)

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


59 reviews for Natural Dark Brown Hair Dye

  1. Jeanne (verified owner)

    I have about 75% gray hair and have been doing a two-step process (henna then indigo) to get my natural dark brown color. I was hoping to avoid the two-step process by using this dark brown mix, but when I applied it directly to my gray roots (no henna first), they came out blue. This color does looks amazing if apply it over henna. I think I must have super resistant gray!

    • earthdye

      Hi Jeanne, Blue is very normal when you rinse it out; overnight, it will turn dark brown.

      If not, something is interfering with it and causing a reaction. You do not have to do a second step, not since we came out with the one-step process in 2009.

      Things to look for, are oils and alcohol. Alcohol will certainly turn it blue, followed by purple. This could come from hair products or shampoo.

      Also, not shampooing within two days will cause it to oxidize and turn colors. We recommend the next day.

      Can you tell us what shampoo you are using? Or are you using any other products in your hair?

  2. alex (verified owner)

    great product, i was using a chemical dye before this which would cause me headaches, then switched to henna, no more headaches, thank you

    • earthdye

      Thank You Alex! Dark brown is indigo, from the plant Indigofera Tinctoria. But we totally understand what you are saying!

  3. Jeff (verified owner)

    Works really well even for solid gray hair.

  4. Kathy Gosselin (verified owner)

    Easy to apply, beautiful bold color! I’ve been using this brand for years and have always been very happy with the results and the great customer service! Thank you earthdye!

  5. Joe Galaska (verified owner)

    After trying several brands, this is hands down the best working dye out there. i have been using it for years with amazing results.

  6. darrenmaxwellpetrie

    I have used the dark brown beard dye for many years after having an allergic reaction to all other hair dyes. This product has never irritated my skin. Lately I have been mixing it with the medium brown to get a slightly lighter colour which is working out well. I also use this product because it is completely organic and safe. I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

  7. Stephen (verified owner)

    Regular dye with chemicals always burn my face … badly. I love this product as it works well, looks great and does not burn or irritate my face at all.

    I will continue to use product and you have a loyal customer. Thanks!

  8. Rick (verified owner)

    Hi. The dark brown makes my beard have a good natural brown dark shade without any harsh chemicals or irritation.

  9. Luis Aragon (verified owner)

    Hello thank you for all your help. My wife loves the product, I just wish it was a little cheaper.
    But she is happy with it, we will be reordering. Thanks so much for a Natural Product that works. Keep it the God Work…

  10. Mia (verified owner)

    The best Henna hair dye I’ve tried! I always get compliments about the color of my hair, and I give credit to EarthDye.

  11. Indhu Ramarao (verified owner)

    Love the product. Only for me with 99% gray hair, i might have to do 2:step process.
    Conditioned my hair, less frizz, shiny hair, can’t stop touching it. With my gray hair i will have to color roots more often too.
    I’m going to try another color and mix and experiment. Can’t wait to try the shampoo and conditioner too.
    Rod,b thanks for all your responses to email

  12. Bobbie (verified owner)

    Tried Earth Dye twice, and I’ll never use chemical dye again. The Mighty Oak Dark Brown FELT good, and WORKED even better. Turned gray into beautiful brown, which I’ve already received compliments on. (FYI: Because my shampoo had oils in it, the Earth dye worked best after using a clarifying mask, instead of my natural oil shampoo.) If and when Earth Dye comes up with a natural conditioner, I’ll be the first to try it!

    • earthdye

      Thank you Bobbie!

  13. Clare (verified owner)

    Earth Dye dark brown hair color does not irritate my skin. I had purchased another product claiming to be all natural that did. Thanks for your better solution. The dark brown color is a true dark brown.

  14. This is the one..

    I’ve tried them all, from having a terrible reaction to that ‘famous brand JFM’ to other ‘natural’ products, to washing in beard color. This one works and doesn’t give an allergic reaction. I keep going back and will until I accept the gray if ever lol… Buy it.

    • earthdye

      Thank you so much for your feedback!! Sometimes it can be hard to imagine a natural hair dye that has zero chemicals that actually works! We are proof that it does!

  15. Dennis McBride (verified owner)

    I’ve been using earthdye for a while now. I use three parts dark brown to one part indigo and have been very happy with the results. Allergic to most hair dyes, I’ve found your products to be the best.

  16. James (verified owner)

    I mix one full bag of dark brown with one full bag of soft black. This gives me the “black” look without it, looking fake. Many guys that use black dyes have it too dark where it’s easy to tell that it’s not natural. If you’re looking for the black look without it looking painted on from a mile away, go with dark, brown and soft black.

  17. Sandy Mader (verified owner)

    Love this product! Finally able to cover my grays after developing an allergy to traditional hair dye products. My stylist & I tried everything to find a product that didn’t leave me miserable for 2-3 weeks after coloring! Covers well, easy on my hair. Only complaint is the Mighty Oak is often times not available

    • earthdye

      Sorry about that! Everyone loves it so much that we keep selling out! More will arrive any day!

  18. Ken (verified owner)

    I like this brand of hair dye so that I can dye eyebrows as well as hair. Other henna brands say not to dye eyebrows. It helps me look youthful. People are always surprised when I tell them my age. I also like mixing dark brown with mahogany for a chocolate color. It makes a nice color.

  19. Kenneth B (verified owner)

    I also like mixing dark brown with mahogany for a chocolate color. It makes a lovely color.

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