Caring for EarthDye is simple

  • Get off the oil and on the EarthDye. EarthDye has natural plant ingredients to naturally condition your hair and beard. Oils strip colors from the hair and clog the natural pores, triggering your natural oil production to stop. This creates a vicious cycle of oiling the hair. Great for squeaky doors, bad for hair.

  • Shampoo and condition as you normally do. Conditioning prior to EarthDye application can keep it from covering as good as it should. Wait to condition and shampoo 24 hours after you have rinsed out the dye. Also, check out our Shikapoo.  Shikapoo is 100% pure shikakai powder. It is an incredible hair conditioner and shampoo.

  • Hair straighteners and got irons are bad for the hair period. Dye or no dye.

  • When your friends ask how you get such beautiful hair please tell them “EarthDye”