Mighty Oak Dark Brown


Mix with: Any colors
Best On : Any colored hair
Safe to use over chemical dye: YES

About Choosing Colors

Choosing a color is all about your personal preference.

The color your start with helps determine the outcome in some cases, however everyone’s hair is different, so it is important to always do a strand test and give it 24 hours to see the final out come.

If your hair is white the color “Might” come out lighter OR come out darker.  Our hair dyes  will not lighten the color of your hair or beard.



To make deep chocolate browns all you need to do is mix in a small amount of burgundy or mahogany. Just a small amount will make a world of difference. If you want more of an auburn color, mix pure natural red in with any brown. Please remember our colors will not go lighter, using dark brown on black hair will not lighten it.

If you want auburn hair color and you have brown hair,  just use pure natural red. This will create an auburn effect.
For cherry cola red, just use deep red on your brown hair.

Lighter colored hair


If your hair is blond or white, and you want a darker brown or auburn hair, then you can use copper brown for an auburn effect or copper brown mixed with brown.


Compared to Other Brands

Chemical Free 100%
Paraben Free 100%
Vegan 100%
Natural 100%