Natural Aloe Vera Conditioner




Harvest Moon’s natural aloe vera conditioner is very light, yet very effective! This is not your normal conditioner! Most conditioners are loaded with oils to fool you into believing it is doing the job, when in fact it is not! Keep in mind when you use this amazing conditioner that it does feel different, unlike traditional big box brands.

So many people have sensitive skin these days and can’t find a shampoo or conditioner anywhere that does not affect them. This is because, in order to have a longer shelf life, they must add a lot of preservatives. Harvest Moon has a natural preservative and a very very small amount. It only lasts a year before it goes bad. To be in a store it has to have a two-year shelf life.

Harvest Moon®’s shampoo smells heavenly and works extremely well with all of our hair dye products and is highly recommended!

Nourish your hair, do not smother it! If you have severely dry or damaged hair, consider our Shikapoo.

  • 10 0z


Massage into clean wet hair, leave in for 2 minutes, and rinse.


Aloe Vera
Citrus Lemon
Centella Asiatica
Glycyrrhizin glabra “liquorice”

  • 10 0z

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Weight 12 oz


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