May 21, 2018
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by earthdye


Why Go To The Salon?

People are becoming more aware of harsh chemicals when it comes to coloring the hair and beards, especially after they get burned by chemical hair dye or worse sent to the hospital. The grand picture of it all, is the impact the chemicals have on our beloved planet. The majority of the time it is the bad reaction that sends people searching for a natural hair dye that is truly natural. This can be a challenge but is a lot easier than you might think. In 2006 there were only about 1500 people a month looking for henna hair dye, a natural alternative to harsh chemical hair dye. As we quickly approach the end of 2018, more than 22,000 people are searching every month for a natural dye, with natural ingredients. This is a major increase over a 12 year period. Not only are more people catching on, but the process behind it is changing as well. In the late 90’s you had to literally learn how to mix all of your own colors if you want anything other than a red-orange look. Burgundy’s and red were almost impossible and it took far too long to mix and apply.  Some people remember mixing henna and indigo to create browns. If you add to much of one or the other the results would vary, resulting in either too much red or too dark of a brown. Thanks to brands like Harvest Moon and EarthDye that has all changed. The colors are premixed and it simple to mix and apply in much shorter times ever in the history of henna. People are learning it is not just for the gray-haired folks. Younger people are using it to change hair color or add to their existing hair color. As natural hair dye becomes more popular our environment gets a bit more healthy as well and we all know our planet has been neglected for way to long.

Wrong Diagnosis

Let’s face it, dying your hair at home is a lot easier and faster than driving to the salon and paying an outrageous amount of money. You have changed your diet, started to exercise now you are considering changing the last thing, your hair dye. Sadly most do not start even looking for a natural hair color solution until that time their head begins to itch and burn like it has been dragged through poison sumac. Men have it just as bad with the exception some get scarred for life and the worst part it is on their face. The even crazier part is the number of people that go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. A lot of brushed off as psoriasis, dandruff, eczema, alopecia, xerostomia, and baldness. Many people are affected in different parts of the body, especially the mouth. Not being able to swallow is a perfect example of a reaction to chemical hair dye that is not visibly seen. Take Susan from Virginia for example; She told me she was a healthy eater, didn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, yet she had been to the ER 3 times and to 13 different Dr.’s and not one of them tied two and two together. She was almost crying as she told me what was going on and then she told me the only thing she does that is unhealthy was dye her hair – two to three times per week! She said she was addicted to dying her hair and admitted she was overdoing it. This had been going on for over 6 months and not one doctor had figured it out. I reassured her it was the chemical hair dye she was using as I had heard the story several hundred times.


If you have had an allergic reaction to chemical hair dye, it will not get better. In fact, it will only get worse each time you use it. If you are reading this because of that, you are in the right place. We take hair seriously, if you do not look good we do not look good, and let’s face the facts, just because it comes from a tree or a bush does not automatically make it good for your hair. Lemon juice is a perfect example of what not to put in your hair on a regular basis. Lemon is used to create lighter hair, but weekly use of it really damages and dries out the hair. All of Harvest Moon hair dye products have natural conditioners or herbal additives to get your hair in tip-top shape while covering the grey hair.  More cancer patients are catching on as well. Harvest Moon promotes healthy hair and you will notice that your hair will start to grow faster and thicker. Harvest Moon is a hair care product as well as a natural hair dye. It literally conditions your hair while it is coloring it.

Simple Natural Hair Dye

Another thing people want besides natural hair color is easy to apply the dye. Harvest Moon and EarthDye are the easiest to use on the market. Wash your hair and apply the dye, rinse an hour later, and then shampoo within the next 24 hours. Browns blend with brown hair, so you do not have to have the exact same brown to match it up. This is also why Harvest Moon does not have pictures of people on the package. Different people get different results, but the one thing they all have in common is it looks good, it looks natural and it is good for the hair.  It also acts as a sunscreen protecting it from harmful UV rays. Simple to use with incredible results.

EarthDye is safe for the entire family and it is cruelty-free. So next time you think natural hair dye, think EarthDye.

What makes EarthDye natural hair dye so wonderful and the best you will find, is the fact its ingredients are plants that are good for you and many people actually eat around the world for health benefits. It lets your hair breathe, protects it from the sun, and is loaded with vitamin c, without the acid. You can feel the difference immediately after using it, especially if you have just recently used chemical hair dye. When you use chemical hair dye it kills the protein in the hair, leaving it dry and brittle. This is why they tell you to not wash your hair prior to applying the


chemicals because it eats the outer layer of oil and dirt right off of your hair. This is also the dilemma of henna tattoos. The so-called black henna is actually black chemical hair dye mixed in with henna. We all know what will happen when you leave chemical hair dye on too long, and the same will happen to your skin, leaving a scar or worse sending you to the hospital. Natural should mean natural. It should be outlawed to use in the name of a hair dye that has chemicals. Natural instinct is a prime example and even makes a mockery of those who use it thinking it is natural. Your natural instincts should be to run. Did you know that if you have a tattoo it increases your odds of having a bad reaction? It even states on many packages with a warning label. Sadly we put our trust in these companies. This leaves me in abhorrence and contempt, knowing that companies in the USA can create such a toxic paste even though they cognize all of the harm it does to the planet and the people. Most countries have banned the toxins long ago, and the USA just now banned “lead”, yes “lead” as of Thanksgiving 2018. One down and twenty-two more to go.

They say in order to get hair color to change you need some chemicals in it. Natural hair and beard dye like Harvest Moon do not. Harvest Moon is vegan and has zero chemicals and has been used successfully for hundreds of years. It even goes back to 69 BC but was kept a secret, and only families of royalty used it and knew about it.

Heal Your Hair

Cover the gray the natural way and heal your hair while doing so. Harvest Moon will get your hair in tip-top-shape quicker than any other product on the market. Your hair will grow faster, and thicker, all while decreasing split ends and covering gray hair. It works on all body hair, even eyebrows. The fascinating part about Harvest Moon is it can actually breathe. It leaves your original color in-tact and just covers it. Your original color is there, just covered and protected, looking just as natural as it should, all while conditioning. It should be called healthy hair dye because of all the overwhelming benefits. You deserve better, you deserve Harvest Moon hair dye. Our planet deserves it as well.

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