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August 4, 2020
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There’s something about red hair that’s just captivating and alluring. On top of being a rare genetic mutation, the fiery color just pops and complements various personalities—whether it’s for sassy, mysterious, or girl-next-door types!

That said, you should know natural red hair color is quite rare, with only less than 2% of the world’s population being natural redheads. Fortunately, there’s a way to achieve those rich scarlet locks even if you don’t have the genes for it.

However, before you head to the nearest store to grab some hair dye, you must know that red hair requires more maintenance than other shades. This is because the pigments in red are usually larger than other hues—so they can’t penetrate the hair shaft as deeply and, as a result, tend to fade after a few weeks.

Achieving and maintaining your dream red hair can be challenging, but here are some things you must remember to keep the color vibrant and your scalp healthy.

1. It’s Going to Be High-Maintenance

If you want to keep your deep red or merlot burgundy hair vivid, you’ll need to go back to the salon at least every six weeks to cover the roots and refresh the color. Considering this, the whole process can be very expensive. Instead, you can dye your hair at home as a more affordable alternative—but you’ll need to be extra careful to avoid uneven coverage.

2. You Have to Find the Shade That Matches Your Skin Tone

While red hair is innately captivating, you should remember that there are shades that enhance your skin tone—meaning that there are those that unfortunately don’t.

That said, you should do your research first before heading to your salon or buying hair dyes to achieve the best results. If you have pale skin and light blue or green eyes, then warmer colors such as strawberry blondes and copper are your best bet. On the other hand, If you have brown or dark blue eyes, you’ll want to consider deeper reds like cinnamon and auburn instead.    

For caramel or darker skin tones, fire engine reds are worth exploring!

3. Don’t Be Surprised with the Initial Color

At first, the red color will appear darker or bolder than your desired shade. This is normal, so don’t be freaked out! It will eventually fade to the color and shade you were aiming for.

4. Don’t Wash Your Hair Right Away

After you’re all done dyeing your hair, it’s best to wait for at least three days before you wash it. This is to allow the hair cuticles—which hold the red dye molecules—to close and stay closed. Shampooing your hair immediately can make the pigment slip out, causing your new vibrant color to dull and fade right away.

Additionally, it’s best to use shampoos and conditioners that are manufactured specifically for color-treated hair, as these can protect your new color while rejuvenating your hair and scalp.

5. Cold Showers Are Going to Be Your Best Friend

While it can be hard to stand cold showers, especially in chilly mornings, they’re your best friends when it comes to keeping your hair color vibrant. Hot water actually opens up your cuticles and allows the color to slip and fade faster. As such, try to avoid hot showers to make your beautiful red hair last longer!


It will surely feel satisfying to be able to pull off natural red hair color. These shades are innately beautiful, but they can also be harder to maintain because of the size of their pigments. That said, we hope you found the tips we shared above to be helpful as you go on your journey to level up your look.

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