Make Quick A Video and Become A VIP Member and you will get 25% off for life!

Terms and Conditions:

1. Coupon Codes will be assigned 24-48 hours after Video upload (excluding holidays and weekends). VIP is a $50.00 Value, but no longer sold.
2. Only one coupon code will work at a time. You cannot use your issued VIP code and another discount code together on one order.
3. Coupon is not sellable or transferable.
4. Email or address must match the address from the original VIP purchase for all future VIP purchases, or it will be declined and refunded. You can update your code to a new email at any time.
5. 25% off will work on already discounted and marked-down items!
6. Coupon is good for life. Use Online only; not available in stores.

PLEASE ALLOW 24-48 HOURS for your very own VIP code to be sent to you VIA Email. 
Once you have your VIP code enter it at checkout for future purchases to receive your 25% discount.  VIP code must be used at the time of purchase to receive a discount on that order.

The email address you use at checkout will be applied to your coupon code for life. Make sure it is correct! This also goes for PayPal checkouts.  If you change your email please let us know by contacting us and we will update it. Do not give out or post your VIP code online.

Video Guidelines:

  • The video can be for any EarthDye product.
  • On hair dye videos it must include before and after. If you only have the after you can include a regular picture of a before shot.
  • The video must have a link to the product page you purchased! We can help you if you do not understand.
  • The video must be clear and have good quality. If you do not know how to upload it to a video channel, you will have to send it to us via Dropbox. A Dropbox account is free and easy to set up!
  • The video must be a minimum of 30 seconds, recorded in a well-lit area (outside is great) no longer than 2 minutes. We love 4k! Speak clearly! Here is a perfect example video: Watch Heather
  • Ideas: Why did you stop using chemical hair dye? What has EarthDye done for your hair or your skin? What other EarthDye/ Harvest Moon products have you used? How long have you used it? Why would you recommend it over other brands? Or at all? How was the process? How did it work covering grays? How does the color look natural? How is The smell compared to chemical hair dyes? Be creative! Would you recommend it to others? Be yourself! Did you learn any tricks for application or mixing the paste? A before and after video is awesome, and an application video is awesome as well. You can fast-forward through the slow parts. People catch on fast and do not want to watch long-drawn-out videos. Keep them simple and under 2 minutes! People have short attention spans these days as the market is overloaded with videos and ads, get to the point! Long videos do not get watched 75% of the time. Short and to the point is the way to go.