Four Ways To Get Jet Black


Not everyone’s hair is the same, some are more absorbent than others. The trick is to find the best one that works for you!

The Two-Step

The two-step method is the most time-consuming, but rewarding way. Using natural red is an exceptional conditioner for hair. you get two packs of dye, red and indigo. Shampoo your hair and do the red and leave it on for 30 minutes to one hour, rinse, and then apply the indigo and leave it on for one hour and rinse. Shampoo the next day, no longer than 48 hours ( not shampooing can cause the dye to oxidize and turn multiple colors. Do not worry, you will not wash the dye out.  Some can get away with leaving the natural red on for 30 minutes and then the indigo for 30 minutes, Experiment by leaving it on 10 minutes less each time until you get to a breakpoint. Some of our customers can achieve maximum color in as little as  20 minutes.

Dark Brown and Indigo

Natural dark brown hair dye mixed with Indigo can also give a jet-black color. It is also rewarding because dark brown has natural conditioners added to it (also plants). it is a one-step which saves time and is about as effective as the two-step. A good ratio mix to start with is 2:1, two parts dark brown, and one part pure indigo. For example, if you mix one pack of dark brown with 1/2 pack of indigo, or on a smaller scale, two tablespoons dark brown, and one tablespoon indigo, this will be 2:1.  If it is too dark, use less indigo ( some people can use dark brown and actually get black if they have super absorbent hair).

Three to One Indigo and Natural Red

Some people can get away with adding a very small amount of natural red hair dye to the indigo and do a one-step.  Mixing a small amount of natural red with indigo helps it bind to the hair of those who are not as absorbent as others.

Pure Indigo One-Step

Many can get away with using indigo alone using the one-step method. This way is the least rewarding as pure indigo is not the most conditioning by itself. Doing the beard prep is extremely important in all methods, use the brush and shampoo prior to application and follow our instructions on the back, no one else’s. Here is a video explaining the entire process of how to dye your beard naturally: 

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