Natural Hair Dye

It does not get more natural. Made from plants, it is safe for you and the family.

Natural Beard Dye

Beard dye that is made from plants.

Natural Hair Dye for Women

When we say natural, we mean 100% natural. Natural like they did thousands of years ago, only better. EarthDye® is made to cover gray and condition women's hair at the same time with no chemicals. We have helped thousands get off the chemical hair dye and we can help you also. You can use it on all body hair including eyebrows.

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Natural Hair Dye For Men

Have you been burned by or had adverse reactions to chemical hair or beard dye? EarthDye covers better, takes less time, is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and lasts longer than any chemical or natural dye on the market. Over half of our clientele is men.

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Kick the chemicals and

feel the difference immediately!

No more bad reactions and no more burning. EarthDye is the most natural hair dye you can find. It works better and looks more natural than chemical hair dye and restores your hair back to its natural state. Just mix with water and apply. Color that lasts, looks natural, permanent hair color, and it’s great for your hair. More and more people are doing home hair dye, especially now. Do entire hair or just do a root touch-up as needed.

  • Made from 100% plants
  • PPD-free, no chemicals
  • Cruelty-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Conditions hair
  • Looks natural
  • Healthy hair dye is happy hair
  • Kick the chemicals

Celebrate Your Hair Benefits

  • Damaged Hair?

    Our color immediately goes to work on dry and damaged hair. You can use it right over chemical hair dye.
  • Premature Balding and Shedding?

    It is loaded with award winning herbs like amla to speed up hair growth, all while conditioning and coloring-with zero chemicals.
  • Protects Hair

    Protect your hair from damaging rays like the sun, while allowing it to breath, resulting in thicker, softer, healthier hair.
  • No More Bad Reactions

    Color that is made from plants, not chemicals! It covers in one application and you can rest easy knowing you will not get burns or blisters.
  • Personal Approach

    Be confident knowing someone is on the other side of this website. We ship the same day and all over the world. Have a question just call or email.
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free

    Rest easy knowing we love animals. No animal testing, our vegan hair dye's come from a family that loves animals and has rescued 100's. We are leaping bunny cruelty free certified.


Order 5 packs or more and get free shipping anywhere in the USA!

Let Your Hair Grow WILD!

Worlds greatest Conditioners

  • Condition your hair
  • Grow hair faster
  • Stop hair-loss/block UV rays
  • Stop split ends
  • Allows your hair to breath
  • Locks in natural oils

Damage Control

  • Use over chemical hair dye
  • Soft full hair instantly
  • Use as often as needed
  • Thicker healthier hair
  • Grow hair longer than ever
  • Look natural like your youth

Long Lasting Color

  • Only touch up roots when needed
  • Protects hair
  • Keep curls-lose frizz
  • No bad reactions
  • Only mix what you need
  • 100% money back guarantee

Great Coverage

One Step Application

EarthDye is made to cover in one application. You only use what you need and then store the rest for the next application. One pack does bra-length hair and 30 plus goatees. We love saving money, and we know you will as well. 100% plant-based and safe to use over chemical hair dye and covers gray and white hair.

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Super Easy To Use!

All Plant! Zero Chemicals!

  • Your hair will be in love!
  • Your hair will grow faster!
  • Voted number one on Medical News Today
  • Your hair will breathe again!
  • Your scalp will throw a party!

Condition While You Color

  • EarthDye is loaded with vitamins from mother nature.
  • It not only colors your hair but conditions it!
  • You will see and feel the difference from the first use.
  • Kick the chemicals bye bye and say hello EarthDye!

Go Natural or Go Home

  • Save your hair
  • you might need it later
  • Look younger and healthier
  • You might even save a fish or two
  • EarthDye ships same day (excluding holidays)

Color blends to match your color


Mix it up

Meet Your Match

Mix and match any EarthDye colors. The possibilities are almost endless!

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