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September 2, 2020
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by earthdye

After that moment of happiness from successfully achieving the hair color you want comes a new dilemma:

“How can I make my hair color last longer?”

It’s a question people commonly ask after having their manes color treated. After all, it is important—and economical—to prolong the life of the new hue. Preserving a color, we love as long as possible makes us feel good and keeps us from buying a new hair dye too soon.

To help you enjoy yours for a longer time, here are some effective tips you must follow:

1. Prepare for the Big Day

If you are coloring your hair on your own, you must schedule it on a day and time when there are little to no interruptions. The process should not take too long, so it’s best to do it during that part of the day when you won’t need to rush. Remember: haste makes waste! Early evening is best.

Wear an old shirt and put an old towel on your shoulder before you start coloring your hair. Moreover, you never apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly along your hairline to keep the dye from staining your skin, chemical-free hair dyes like EarthDye will not stain the skin. You may also want to use gloves to avoid getting the color all over your hands. Finally, part your hair into four even sections to help make coloring easier and ensure equal coverage. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions!

2. Do not Wash Your Hair Immediately After Dying It

The best practice is to wait for at least 18-24 hours before shampooing your hair after it is colored with natural hair color. This is because it usually takes one to two days for the hair dye to oxidize the color molecules. Natural red you can shampoo immediately. Not to be confused with red red.

However, you can use the conditioner to rinse the dye if you have thick hair or hair with tangles. Make sure to follow the instructions indicated when conditioning your hair after the color treatment.

3. Take Care of Your Colored Hair with Shampoo and Conditioner

Use shampoos that have no oil or alcohol, with millions of shampoos on the market you must read the ingredients to find one. Doing so will help you color last much longer. Oils strip color, so avoid oil treatments and leave in conditioners. Conditioners are fine after your hair color has been cured. Some people have thick hair and conditioner is needed to rinse the dye out, this is okay. Natural products like Shikapoo can tame the frizz and repair damaged hair from chemical hair dyes and oil treatments. Shampoo that claims to retain chemical hair dye color is not recommended.

4. Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause colors in items to fade. It can do the same to your hair. Considering this, it is best to wear a hat, beanie, cap, or whatever accessory you have every time you are out and about. This will protect your hair from getting damaged from the sun’s rays.

Bonus Tip: Choose Your Hair Dyes Wisely

One effective way to preserve the color of your hair and protect it at the same time is to choose your hair dyes wisely. It may be best to use a brand you’ve tried and tested before. If you want to try a new brand, you must first do a patch test especially if you’re prone to allergic reactions or have sensitive skin.

A smarter choice would be to go with a natural hair dye. Going natural assures you that you won’t have to suffer bad reactions or burning sensations when coloring. Moreover, some natural brown or red hair dyes can even work better than their chemical-based counterparts. They can restore your hair to its healthy state while giving it a color that lasts and looks natural.


Color-treated hair can look pretty without being high-maintenance, however over time chemical hair dyes destroy your hair and slow growth. To successfully pull this off, however, you need to find the right brand and follow the steps mentioned above. As long as you diligently take care of your hair and scalp, you’ll have no problems exploring new colors and ensuring they go the extra mile, especially with dyes that are 100% chemical-free like EarthDye.

Looking for the best chemical-free hair dyes in the US market? Search no further! At EarthDye, we produce the world’s most natural hair dye. Our products are made 100% from plants PPD-free, hypoallergenic, and completely healthy for your hair—and our planet. Shop today to get your natural hair color!



  1. Peter Spokus
    July 28, 2021 at 5:05 pm

    will this dye come off skin?

    • earthdye
      July 28, 2021 at 5:34 pm

      It will not stain the skin. Maybe the palms of your hand (use gloves that come with it), reds can stain the skin around the hairline, but only for a short period (overnight at worse). Do not use vaseline etc around the hairline as that helps reds stain better. Browns will not stain your skin. Only the hair.

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