May 13, 2021
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by earthdye

Do you know someone with a full head of fiery red hair? If so, you might not be aware that red is the rarest hair color in nature! Thus, you won’t see natural red hair dye going out of style anytime soon—nor has it ever lost its status as a trend. Going redhead can be exciting and rewarding, but be warned you will get a lot of attention!

Red hair dye comes in various shades and can lend itself to unique personality traits. Whether you want to achieve a sassy look or a girl-next-door vibe, here are a few things you need to know before dyeing your hair red.

Red is Low-Maintenance

There is a reason red hair is easy to come by and maintaining it is super easy! After dyeing your hair, your roots will reappear every four to six weeks. Plus, the red dye takes only a few minutes to work.

At the very least, you’ll have to show up at your local salon at least every six weeks for a color refresh. Or just do it at home, natural red is very easy to keep up with. Tip:

Mix up some natural red and shampoo into your hair and leave in for 10 minutes, rinse and you are done! Do not forget to wear gloves! will stain your hands!

Different Shades Complement Different Skin Tones?

Julia before and after pure_henna_red

If you have super pale skin, darker, cool-toned reds can make you super sexy! If you’re going ginger for the first time, get opinions from friends or refer to photo apps. If you plan to dye your hair at home, consider how much you will save using EarthDye.

Skin tone does not determine how well it will look on you, facial features will. Also asking a friend or a loved one what they would think. They also have apps that you can use to take a photo and then changed the color of your hair in a matter of seconds so you can see what you think before you do it.

Red Starts Bright and Calms After Shampoo

When freshly applied, deep red will come off darker. Of all the dye molecules naturally available, deep red is the largest. Thus, it’ll cling firmly to your hair and eventually fade into your desired color or shade. If your hair is looking a little bolder than you expected, don’t panic—it’ll fade eventually!

You Can Prevent Fading

Wash your hair 24 hours after you rinse the dye, you will not shampoo it out, and waiting longer can cause oxidation leading to multiple color effects. If in the sun wear a hat, swimming in pools or the ocean will not change the color.

Tip: To help lock in color and make it last longer you can shampoo your hair and then do an apple cider vinegar rinse for 3 minutes, rinse then apply the color. This is an old etching technique used to dye fabrics and not only is vinegar good for your hair and scalp, but it also opens the pores and lets the color in, making it last longer. Just touch up new incoming roots as needed.

When you apply shampoo to your hair, the cuticle swells, allowing red dye molecules to slip out. To prevent this, purchase products specifically for color-treated hair. Some brands will even stock shampoos and conditioners for red hair in particular!

For an extra pop, buy a color-deposit shampoo that will help when your locks start looking a bit dull.

Try a Cold Shower

Did you know that hot water opens up the hair cuticles, allowing dye molecules to escape? If you’re a fan of hot, steamy showers, we hate to burst your bubble. If you can bear it, opt for a cooler shower to ensure your color stays. Using cold water rinse helps lock in color.


When leaping the ginger club, there is less work to be done than you might anticipate! Always do your research before going red—not every shade will suit your facial features. Do it right, and you’ll look stunning as ever.

If you’re looking for natural red hair dye, shop with EarthDye! We kick chemical butt in favor of Earth-friendly components that leave your hair looking fresh and natural.


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