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Why not add EarthDye™ to your line of products or blog to make extra money? Do you have a shop? Store front? Maybe you have a salon or a space at the flea market? The possibilities are endless and there is never a shortage of gray hair!

Regardless how you sell it,EarthDye is a great addition to any retail store and you get to help those in need or those that are health and planet conscious!

The starter package consist of:

10 Natural red
10 Indigo
10 Soft Black
10 Deep Red
10 Burgundy
10 Mahogany
10 Dark Brown
10 Brown
10 Light Brown
10 Strawberry Blonde
10 Copper Brown
10 Ash Brown

All for only $720.00, That’s $6.00 per pack! As you start to sell colors you can order those specific colors in packs of 100 for the same price. As you grow you can order packs of 500 or 1000, and will get a greater discount.

When you purchase this, you will be assigned a store code which needs to be displayed if selling online.

I recommend selling them for 12.98 a pack or higher.


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Weight 540 oz


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