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October 27, 2020
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by earthdye

Hair coloring, also known as hair dyeing, dates back to ancient times. Traditionally, a single color is applied off-scalp onto the hair overall. Back then, the dyes were derived from plants such as henna. In today’s modern age, more options have emerged both for dyes and the way they’re applied. Chemically manufactured synthetic dyes have been invented, though chemical-free hair dye is a much healthier option.

Caring for your colored locks is still top priority, no matter how many hair coloring innovations pop up. You want your hair color to last a long time, and not just look good during the first few weeks. Here are some tips to make the most out of your hair color:

1. Keep a Cool Head

Hair cuticles are affected by heat. When you’re in the shower, turn the temperature down. This will keep the color molecules in your hair in place. Particularly, red dyes have larger molecules, which simply means a higher risk of dullness and fading. Having a more chill shower will help maintain your mane.

2. Air Dry as Much as Possible

While blow-drying has become a staple in everyone’s routine, it’s not a requirement. Pass it up and allow your hair to dry naturally. Since heat means hair cuticles can swell and open, avoiding excess blow-drying will lessen the chances of that happening. If the blow dryer can’t be avoided, use a hair primer that will detangle and add heat protection. Then use the lowest heat setting and keep the dryer at a distance, minimizing the heat’s effects

3. Say Bye-Bye to Sulfates

One of the biggest deterrents to colored hair lasting a long time is sulfates. This is why labels on all the best chemical-free hair dye specify they’re free of it. While it’s an effective cleansing agent, it’s far too aggressive for hair that’s been dyed. Colors will certainly wash out and fade quicker than usual. Make sure to check labels and purchase only sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners so you can cleanse without affecting the color. You might also want to consider Harvest Moon Sulfate Free Shampoo.

4. Deflect Hard Water

Since high mineral content is present in hard water, it makes hair resistant to color molecules. Use a filter to convert your shower water to soft water, or just cover your hair with a shower cap. Another helpful alternative is to just use dry shampoo.

5. Cover Your Hair

There are so many benefits to being outdoors, especially for one’s health. Jogging, riding a bike, taking a hike—so many activities can be extremely helpful to your well-being. What it isn’t good for, though, is colored hair. An abundance of exposure to the sun can make hair color fade and lighten your natural strands. Wear a hat, a scarf, or something similar to cover up your colored hair and keep it safe.

All hair coloring treatments will need retouching at one point or another. There’s always a danger of dull ends and eventually, faded roots. Following these simple steps will do wonders for prolonging the life of your hair.

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